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Exporting Excellence: Creating Great British Schools Internationally (2019)

Exporting Excellence is Wild Search’s 25th publication which examines the success and future prospects for British schools setting up abroad. The report includes contributions from a wide range of heads of leading independent schools with geographies discussed including the United States, Africa, China and Kazakhstan. Exporting Excellence is an important source for schools considering international expansion.

Published in partnership with the Alpha Plus Group and with support from Oxford AQA.

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A Sum Greater than its Parts? Making Education Groups Work (2019)

Following the success of our first report, Sharing Resources, Securing Success (2017), this second edition further explores how educational standards can be raised through providing a central service and regional and national leadership roles. Contributors include those running MATs as well as other leaders in the education sector.

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Studying Success:The Role of Books in Higher Education (2019)

Authored by Professor Neil Carmichael, Studying Success, addresses the value of books in learning in this increasingly digital age. With a practical and forward looking, rather than nostalgic lens, this publication sets out the ongoing role of the book as a valued resource within higher education institutions with practical and efficient uses for tutors and students. The report includes an assessment of student habits and takes a look at how resources are included in the TEF.

Published in partnership with the Booksellers Association.

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Universities Challenged? Embedding Diversity, Empowering Institutions (2018)

Universities Challenged? offers an insightful analysis into the issues of diversity and inclusion within higher education – among staff as well as students. By bringing together the views of those in leadership positions, this report addresses the complexity of the issue while seeking ways of making further progress.

Published in partnership with Study Group.

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World Class Education: A report on the educational choices and opportunities for High Net Worth families in the UK and beyond (2018)

This report provides a snapshot of global high net worth (HNW) and ultra high net worth education trends and assesses where the UK fits in. A survey and in depth interviews with HNW advisers inform the report. The publication includes insight into the connection between property and education choices, a review of current visas available for students coming to the UK, a guide to university choices and a look at special educational considerations in educating the next generation of wealthy families.

Published in partnership with Keystone Tutors. 

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Leading Women: The Life, Legacy and Inspiration of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (2017)

Leading Women marks the centenary of the death of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, while investigating the challenges women in leadership positions in the education sector still face today.

Prefaced by The Rt Hon Anne Milton MP, Minister for Women, the book includes original contributions from Baroness Deech, LAMDA’s principal, Joanna Read, the Chief Executive of the Girls’ Day School Trust, Cheryl Giovannoni, and Chief Executive of The Inspiration Trust and Dame Rachel de Souza. 

Published in partnership with VTCT and CIG Education Group.

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Education: The Greatest British Export (2017)

This report by Graham Able and Fraser White assesses the value of education as an export to the UK, economically and culturally, and makes recommendations for how the sector can be supported post-Brexit. 

Published in partnership with Alpha Plus and Dulwich College International


Sharing Resources, Securing Success: Making Sure MATs & Education Groups Work (2017)

Sharing Resources, Securing Success considers the challenges and benefits of sharing services to benefit students across groups – both within state funded and other models. It features a range of contributions from chief executives of leading MATs, Dr Tim Coulson, Regional Schools Commissioner for East of England and North-East London and Chair of the Education Select Committee, Neil Carmichael. 

Published in partnership with GL Assessment

Building Better Boards: An Opportunity for Education (2015)

Our third report on education governance draws on the research and discussions that led to the earlier reports and to the formation of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Education Governance and leadership. 

The report addresses how governance will need to evolve in the decade ahead, not least with the expansion of multi-academy trusts. Education Minister Lord Nash sets the scene with his preface.

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Standards, Freedom, Choice: Essays to Commemorate the 25th Anniversary of 1988 Education Reform Act (2013)

Standards, Freedom, Choice assesses the legislation and the impact of this reform programme, which remains influential today.

It draws together essays by a broad range of experts in the education field, including politicians, head teachers, civil servants and others. The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP contributed a foreword.


Stronger Boards,
Better Education (2012)

This report builds on the work of Who Governs the Governors?, following the establishment of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Education Governance and Leadership, and includes a message from The Rt. Hon. Michael Gove MP, former Secretary of State for Education. 

The report makes a number of recommendations as to how school governance might be improved and takes into account the advent of free schools, the move towards multi-academy trusts and the education reforms of the Cameron-led coalition.


Education: A Great British Export? (2012)

This report by Graham Able and Fraser White emphasises education as a major export market for the UK, already contributing around £18 billion a year to the UK economy and showing significant potential for growth. The report led to the formation of ExEd UK; a broad-based group of companies that support UK education as an export. 

Published in partnership with Dulwich College International and Alpha Plus

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Who Governs the Governors? School Governance in the Twenty First Century (2011)

Who Governs the Governors? underscores the essential role of school governors within a changing educational landscape and suggests ways in which governance can be improved. The report recommended that schools seek out a diverse set of skills among their governors, and suggested it would be worth considering remuneration for the Chairman and other key board members. Described by former Education Secretary, The Rt. Hon. Michael Gove MP as “superb”, the report led to the formation of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Education Governance and Leadership.