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Portfolio Careers 2018 - Insights from the Inside.jpg

Portfolio Planning: Insights from the Inside (2018)

Insights from the Inside is the third and final report on portfolio careers produced by Wild Search. Drawing on two earlier editions and with the addition of new subjects, the report provides a series of practical perspectives from those who have successfully taken this course in their own careers

Chapters include: How to Begin?; Skills Required; Commercial and Charitable? And How to Influence and draw on 30 interviews with experienced men and women whose careers have encompassed chair and board roles within FTSE and private companies, charities and professional and trade bodies.


Lessons from Leaders: Preparing, Planning & Managing a Portfolio Career (2015)

This sequel to Time and Chance has been written to encourage and reassure those currently in full-time executive careers, as they approach the opportunity to build a more plural career and to ensure the next chapter is both successful and stimulating.

Drawing on interviews with 14 portfolio based professionals whose combined experience covers a range of FTSE100 companies, private businesses and major charities, this publication details first-hand experiences of portfolio careers. It was featured in the Sunday Times and cited in Sir Gerry Grimstone’s 2016 report on the public appointments system.

Time and Chance Cover.jpg

Time and Chance: Preparing and Planning for a Portfolio Career (2012)

Time and Chance draws on Wild Search’s experience in executive search. The publication includes interviews with a range of individuals who have successfully pursued portfolio careers, providing a deeper understanding and recommendations for those embarking on one.

Time and Chance delivers useful insights for those considering a change in direction and whether, or rather when, plurality is the right path.