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A Sum Greater than its Parts? Making Education Groups Work (2019)

Following the success of our first report, Sharing Resources, Securing Success (2017), this second edition further explores how educational standards can be raised through providing a central service and regional and national leadership roles. Contributors include those running MATs as well as other leaders in the education sector.

Studying Success:The Role of Books in Higher Education (2019)

Authored by Professor Neil Carmichael, Studying Success, addresses the value of books in learning in this increasingly digital age. With a practical and forward looking, rather than nostalgic lens, this publication sets out the ongoing role of the book as a valued resource within higher education institutions with practical and efficient uses for tutors and students. The report includes an assessment of student habits and takes a look at how resources are included in the TEF.

Published in partnership with the Booksellers Association.

Universities Challenged? Embedding Diversity, Empowering Institutions (2018)

Universities Challenged? offers an insightful analysis into the issues of diversity and inclusion within higher education – among staff as well as students. By bringing together the views of those in leadership positions, this report addresses the complexity of the issue while seeking ways of making further progress.

Published in partnership with Study Group.