Wild Search has a strong network and experience of researching and advising on international growth, notably through its work in education and through its publications. Our advisory team members hold senior appointments in China and Myanmar.

Our track record in search encompasses the appointment of the Overseas Projects Director for Haileybury, the Director of the British Institute of Florence, senior appointments for the European Conservatives and Reformist and the Global Fund. We have also advised a number of international colleges on senior appointments such as d’Overbroeck’s (Head of International School), MPW (Vice Principal) and Dukes Education.

Please contact Robert who will assess the most relevant team member to address your requirements on 0207 233 2115 or by emailing rp@wildsearch.org

We have published four reports which focus on both the success and potential for UK schools and colleges to expand overseas:

Exporting Excellence: Creating Great British Schools Internationally (2019)

World Class Education: A report on education choices for High Net Worth families in the UK and beyond (2018)

Education: The Greatest British Export (2017)

Education: A Great British Export? (2012)

In addition, the UK’s potential influence through education is revealed in our research note on soft power.

For more information on the reports or to be involved in one in future, please contact Amy Wevill aw@wildsearch.org