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Education The Greatest British Export small cover.jpg

Education: The Greatest British Export (2017)

This report by Graham Able and Fraser White assesses the value of education as an export to the UK, economically and culturally, and makes recommendations for how the sector can be supported post-Brexit. 

Published in partnership with Alpha Plus and Dulwich College International . 

United and Valued - small cover.jpg

United and Valued: Perspectives on Military Charities Today (2017)

The military charity sector plays a vital role in supporting those who have served their country in the armed forces. United and Valued seeks to address the issues facing the sector as well as discussing the ways in which military charities make a real difference to people’s lives, whether it be in terms of health (physical and mental), education and research, housing, welfare delivery or a plethora of other areas.

Published in partnership with Rathbones

Sharing Resources, Securing Success small cover.jpg

Sharing Resources, Securing Success: Making Sure MATs & Education Groups Work (2017)

Sharing Resources, Securing Success considers the challenges and benefits of sharing services to benefit students across groups – both within state funded and other models. It features a range of contributions from chief executives of leading MATs, Dr Tim Coulson, Regional Schools Commissioner for East of England and North-East London and Chair of the Education Select Committee, Neil Carmichael. 

Published in partnership with GL Assessment.